Work and Life Harmony Strategist

What’s your barrier to success?

Let’s keep it simple. In order to be successful you need to exercise good judgement. And the two biggest derailers of good judgement are stress and frustration.

When either of these are present – in work or in life, they have the ability to cloud your judgement and then…

Problem solving ability gets slower

Intuition becomes weaker

Ability to see over the horizon gets blurry

Energy levels drop

Focus and concentration wane

Everyone has different levels of stress and frustration that they can cope with. And to understand not just the cause, but the effect can help you develop and overcome those barriers.


Why should I measure judgement?

We put metrics around almost everything we do in life, so why not put metrics around judgement? In order to be successful we might want to be intelligent and have a good personality, but if we don’t make good judgements then neither of these things matter. You may not have heard of anything like this – but I’m sure you’re familiar with a personality test. These tests are fun and can give some very useful information. Perhaps you’re an ISFJ? I’m sure there are many other ISFJs who are successful. And I’m also sure there will be many currently serving time in prison. My point? Personality doesn’t predict success – judgement does.


How does work life balance fit into this?

There isn’t a hotter topic than work life balance right now and with many being constantly “connected” to work virtually it can be hard to escape and find that balance – or harmony as I prefer to call it. Work life harmony isn’t just about switching off the mobile phone and taking a holiday, it’s about looking at what you really need internally to have wellbeing and feel self-assured and confident.

People who put as much energy into their own needs as the needs of work and others are built on what I like to call a solid foundation of self. This is my Wedding Cake Theory (more about that later) but it’s clear to see that people who have their work and their life in harmony, make better judgement calls. So it's time to start thinking about measuring it to see what you could improve.


What's brought you here?

I feel like i'm lacking energy and stressed

Highly motivated, highly capable people are far more likely to experience burn out than others

I get bored and I need more challenge

People who are extremely capable and operate quickly can often get frustrated if not challenged

I want to achieve  work + life harmony

People who have a solid platform and foundation of self get more out of work and life


I finally understand "me"

"I couldn't actually believe the depth of the results after such a simple assessment. My mind has been blown - I've never laughed in so much shock before! It was like seeing a blueprint of myself on paper and it really shined a light on what the barriers were to me achieving my full potential. The way it was delivered, and being able to hear about other women who were similar to me made me feel like I wasn't alone which was comforting! It suddenly all made sense. I know exactly what I need to do now to realise my full capacity. I finally understand ME"

- Jemma Lucy - Recruitment Consultant


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