Work and Life Harmony Strategist

Connecting the dots between your judgement, your values and your behaviour

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Think about this...

Our values are the lens through which we see the world and make judgements. The way we make judgements about things shapes our behaviour and the things we value more we tend to be better at. So, if we can understand our values-based behaviours then we can understand if we're likely to make good judgements and ultimately - predict success

I know it's a bit of a mouthful, but if you can get your head around that then the rest should make sense.

When I first took the assessment 8 years ago I wasn't exactly sure what it was going to tell me. I'd taken personality tests before and presumed it would be similar. Well, it floored me. Because what it showed me was like an X-Ray of how I'd been behaving in my life and it raised my awareness to things I'd never properly understood about myself. Such as...

I'd get frustrated with people around me if they couldn't keep up - This was because my problem solving ability was very quick, often quicker than others

I was over-sensitive and would over-personalise things - My intuition was very strong which meant I sometimes read too much into things that weren't there

I would burn out and get sick easily - I had high motivation but strong independence, meaning I didn't ask for help or delegate

I was bouncing from job to job - I required challenge or I'd become bored and disillusioned

But perhaps the most important realisation for me was how out of kilter my "self side" was compared with my "work side". The results showed me that I had great capacity for success in work. (This in itself was a shocker for me as at the time I was working in a bar, unsure of what I was going to do with my life.)

But my "self side" of the results were an absolute mess. Basically, all that capacity the I had was built on a really wobbly foundation. In my personal life I was stressed, confused, in a bad relationship, not looking after myself. While, from the outside, no one picked up on it, at some point it was bound to rise to the surface, unless I did something about it.


Work + life harmony. An awakening

This was a huge realisation for me. If I could find more harmony between the energy I was giving to the outside world and the energy I was dedicating to myself, then it could potentially change my life.

And it did. And now I want to help you change yours.

Because let's face it - you may be pretty self aware. You may know what causes you frustration or stress and what your idiosyncrasies are. But there's no way you're aware of over 50 values-based behaviours that are driving your judgement and limiting your success.

So now's the time to find out.


the geeky stuff

As true as my results were, I couldn't help but be sceptical. What was this witchcraft? Well, the Judgement Index...

  • Was constructed in Harvard
  • Has been scientifically proven
  • Has undergone over 30 validation studies

The research goes back over 40 years and the creator - a Dr Robert Hartman was even nominated for a Nobel Prize for his work in 1973. So suffice to say this has rock solid credibility compared to the latest personality test floating around. 

As well as that, it passes rigorous non bias testing so it doesn't discriminate against gender, ethnicity, race or religion and the research continues today. You can read more about it and how businesses (including fortune 500 companies) use the assessment to hire and develop the right people on the company website HERE

That satisfied my curiosity. But if you've got questions, please get in touch.

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