How To Be Your Best Self Every Day

Investing in my own personal development

I recently attended an awesome workshop about building resilience and finding your greatness. I didn't know too much in advance, but I find that I'm surrounded by coaching and learning and development so much that I don't often take the time out to actually do some for myself.

So it was time for some "me" time, well actually not just me, I dragged my little sister along too, and we spent the day with Neeta Bhusan and a small group of incredible women (and one man!) discussing what drives our fears and anxieties, how to overcome them, and how to truly be our best selves every day. And I'd like to share one of the exercises we did that you can do any time, and with anyone...

Part one - where are you on your best day?

Firstly, think about where you are on your best day. What are you doing? Who are you with? Are you doing an activity, or eating something in particular?

For me, this was an easy answer. On my best day I'm with my family and boyfriend, we are sat around a large table in the sunshine, in Ibiza, with the sea in view, with plenty of fresh food, music playing and probably a nice glass of wine or sangria in hand. That is always what I think of when I think of my definition of happiness, so it wasn't a tricky one for me.

Part two - how do you feel?

Grab a pen and paper and now write down how you feel when you are at this best day. What actually are you on this day?

Are you relaxed? energised? empowered? safe? fulfilled? happy? ambitious? in control? accepted? desired? I could go on... if it helps grab a thesaurus and write down as many words that describe you on this day. At least ten. 

Then have a little look at that list, and select the top three, the ones the speak the loudest to you, the strongest ones, the ones that rise above the rest. Try not to use something as generic as "happy" try to dig a little deeper, until you've got three words.

Congratulations, these are now your bold virtues. These are the perfect descriptor of who you are on your best day. 

How does that feel?

They might not be exactly where you are now, they might be what you are striving for. You might see snippets of them on a day to day basis. But now you have three bold virtues, that when you think of them, describe what you need to be your best possible self.

My own bold virtues

I'll share with you mine:

  1. Impassioned
  2. Fulfilled
  3. Sassy

How to remind yourself 

So what now? 

Well, you need to have a think about how you are going to remind yourself of your bold virtues every day. We discussed lots of different ways in our workshop. Some people said they would make a cute graphic and set it as their mobile phone screensaver which I loved because how often do we look at our phones in a day?! 

We also talked about writing them and sticking them on a pin board or our bathroom mirror. Someone even suggested getting them tattooed! But for me, I felt that wearing them would be my preference. I have a necklace that already symbolises fulfilment for me, so I decided after the workshop I would hunt down two other charms to symbolise Impassioned and Sassy. 

On a cute side note my boyfriend actually found a lipstick called Impassioned by MAC which he bought for me on a whim, and it's a lovely mix between a hot pink and red. I know now that when I wear it, I will feel that bold virtue, but I also love that he's identified that virtue with me, I think it just brings the whole exercise to life in a way I can't really explain with words!

Bringing it to life

I would love it if you read this and decide to discover your own bold virtues. Maybe grab a glass of wine with a girlfriend or partner and follow the exercise together. Once you've identified them, make sure you take the next step and decide how you're going to present them to yourself every day.

Share your bold virtues with me

And one last thing. Once you've identified them please head over to my Facebook page and add yours to the growing list under my own. I'd love to have you declare them loud and proud, and if you can pass this simple exercise on to someone you know, then even better.

Let's spread the word about how to be your best self every day.

How To Be Your Best Self Every Day