Is Your Coach For Real Or Are They Fooling Themselves & You?

Is your Facebook feed a daily advert of coaches?

I ask this because my Facebook feed is chock-a-block full of adverts for coaches. Life coaches, empowerment coaches, business coaches and those 6-figure coaches who's lives always seem to have gone from shitty to amazing in a matter of months.

I get curious and I click a lot of the links, and I enjoy reading about how these people got to where they are today. I've found some amazing websites and resources from people who truly have grown incredible careers, that I refer back to, subscribe to and absorb their content.

Turn on your BS detector!

But I've also seen a lot of websites that just set off my bullshit radar. Any "About Page" that starts with a sob story that wouldn't look out of place on the X Factor is always the first thing that gets my attention. Then I have a look at their testimonials and dig around as to who is actually behind the testimonial. Quite often that person is a cardboard cut-out of the first bullshit artist I've just stumbled across. I also take a look at the language they use and if there's a lot of "hey lovely" or "hi there gorgeous" it instantly pricks my ears up to the legitimacy of this person. Finally I really read their content. Is it actually credible? Are they saying anything with any substance? Quite often it's just a series of well put together sentences using every buzzword under the sun that would attract any poor sucker looking for some empowerment of their own. 

I hate to be so cynical because of course we live in a world so powered by social media, branding and marketing that I understand we have to put a bit of gloss on to what we do. Hell, I've got enough of the classic "look away" pictures on here myself. But if you really go under the surface of a lot of these websites you have to wonder if your potential new coach is fooling you.

Is Your Coach For Real?