My Top 5 Songs To Change Your Mood

Do you ever just get out of the wrong side of the bed in the morning? Or get into a funk at some point during the day and find it hard to shift?

My best friend Danni would describe me as the happiest person she's met. Always positive, always smiling... but I don't always feel that way. Yes, I mostly maintain a positive outlook on life but when I find myself in a mood then it's so hard to change it. But one thing always manages to perk me up and snap me out of it and that is music.

Music has the power to change your mood

In my opinion, music is one of the most powerful tools to change your mindset. Let's face it we've all got a smartphone these days and access to itunes or Spotify and the ability to instantly choose how we want to feel. Spotify even have ready to go playlists for whatever takes your fancy. I quite often put "Deep Focus" on when I need to get through some serious work, and if I'm on the train home from a long day and want to energise myself I always head straight for the Cafe Mambo podcast, just the intro to this pre-recorded radio show gets me tapping my feet and shaking the day off my shoulders.

Top mood changers

So I really wanted to put together my top TOP songs to improve your mood. I don't mean the obvious Walking On Sunshine type of songs, because sometimes that comes on and I think "oh please fuck off!" so I mean the real nitty gritty emergency mood lifter songs that I turn to when I really need to. They all have a time and a place so take your pick from the five below and let me know what your top five are!

 1. Dizzee Rascal - Fix Up, Look Sharp

I am a big Dizzee Rascal fan and have been since I saw him play in Ibiza when I was in my early twenties on holiday with Danni. His energy on stage was awesome and infectious, and I still feel that energy when I hear his stuff now. When I listen to this song I imagine Dizzee is telling ME to fix up and look sharp, basically to get a grip of myself, and that always does the trick. Try not to bop your chest and feel like a bad ass while this is on.

Feel free to hate cos I ain’t tryna be your mate
Be serious, you wouldn’t last an hour in my shoe

The thing I love about Dizzee more than anything is his lyrics and how he's not afraid to use such non-rap British words such as "silly" and "loo" and in another song "I pray my willy ain't stingin!" which always makes me chuckle. If you like this and want more my next to play would be Flex and the version I've linked to is a remix that I like. His whole Tongue in Cheek album is also great for letting off steam.

2. Ellie Goulding - Anything Can Happen

This song came into my life properly on New Year's Eve 2014. It was the first song they played in London as the fireworks went off at midnight and I was sat in my flat on my own watching. I'd been to a party earlier in the evening, hadn't been feeling it and just decided to come home. Weirdly it felt very liberating being on my own at midnight, and I really enjoyed watching it all on TV. The production was so good and I don't think I'd have ever appreciated what a good show London puts on if I'd have watched it at a party after a lot of alcohol. If you ever find yourself single on New Year then don't be afraid to spend it on your own. I'm so glad I did it and as I listened to the lyrics of this song and watched the fireworks I felt really empowered for the upcoming year. 

Baby, I’ll give you everything you need
But I don’t think I need you!

About six months later I saw Ellie perform this live at Hyde Park (again I was with Danni) and it really made me think about how far I'd come since that new year and indeed, every time I hear it now I think back to that evening and the journey I've had since. It never fails to uplift me.

3. Catherine Zeta-Jones - Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Ok, so I could've used the Pat Benatar original version of this, but I went for the Rock Of Ages version, mostly because I love Catherine Zeta-Jones and I think she's a great role model. I don't mean because I want to marry a man 25 years my senior, but I just think she's the sort of woman who takes no crap, and the lyrics of this song match that sentiment completely.

Knock me down, it’s all in vain
I get right back on my feet again

Just a warning - this is not the only song from a musical in this blog, and it's also not my only CZJ song either!

4. Audra May - Here I Go Again

My friend George introduced me to this version and we have often cranked it up loud in her car and sang along full volume (well I did at least).  I like finding a female version of songs I like, and I think Audra gives this song a different feel to the original. 

And I’ve made up my mind
I ain’t wasting no more time

I'll tell you one thing about this song. If you are walking away from that crappy ex boyfriend, have finally packed your bags and are driving away, or even you've just told you boss to shove the job, and this is not the song you've got playing (in your head at least) then there's something wrong with you! *Actually if it's Freedom by George Michael then you are forgiven.

5. Catherine Zeta-Jones - All That Jazz

Bear with me on this one! I know so many people will roll their eyes at a song from a musical, but just trust me, this song is ACE. I could only find a version with subtitles, and I know I could've chosen a version without storyline through it, but CZJ is on top badass form again so I wanted to include this version. Chicago is a musical about women in prison for murder and it's just got so much sass, and this song really captures that. This song takes a while to build up but for me it's all about the key change towards the end. A key change! Plus you can totally do "jazz hands" to this so what's not to like?

Oh I’m no one’s wife
But oh I love my life!

If you get to the end of this song and you're not belting out the above lyrics in an American accent - especially if you have a boyfriend and want to prove to him that you're not desperate for him to put a ring on it (I think he will be amused) then I apologise for your unchangeable mood. I cannot help you any further!

Feeling Better?

If my songs of choice have got your thinking about your own instant mood enhancers then why not create a playlist, or a few on your music player of choice. I'd recommend a list of songs to energise and get you "up" and a list for when you need to feel calm and reconnect. Try to pick songs that give you that anchor feeling and have a story behind them, like I've described above for mine, as if you have an emotional connection to them they will have a bigger impact.

A Simple Step In Personal Development

This exercise may seem really simple, but recognising that you want to change your mood and then using a tool to do it - even if it is just a song IS personal development. People may say you can choose your mindset and attitude but sometimes you just need an extra little push in the form of a kick ass song. 

I'd love to know what songs change your mood and the story behind the song. Please let me know on my Facebook Page and share the link to the song! I'm always looking to grow my playlist x

Top 5 Songs To Change Your Mood