Work and Life Harmony Strategist

When you measure your judgement, you can understand it. If you can understand it, then you can improve it. And if you can improve it you can improve your world and the world around you

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Take the Judgement index

Nobel Prize nominated * Constructed in Harvard * Scientifically and mathematically validated * Free from bias against gender, ethnicity and age * Used by Fortune 500 companies * The only work + life harmony proven assesment

£149 including feedback session and written narrative


Book me to speak

If you're looking for a vibrant, engaging and motivating speaker or workshop host then let's have a conversation. 

Besides the fact that I've been commanding centre stage since I was a small child, I've also got a great deal of experience speaking to different audiences, whether that's at a corporate event or a smaller intimate gathering.

I always aim to make my talks practical and interactive, so if you've got an idea or mission, then let me bring your vision to life.


Train to use the tool 

If you have a life coaching or consultancy business then the Judgement Index is a fantastic tool for you to use with your clients. Taking you deeper into their behaviours and habits that any other assessment would get to; you have the ability to really open up your clients and target your coaching more effectively. 

Training is a 3 day course held in London or Tennessee, USA